Qualifications & Specifications

Sample Specifications


Covered with earth materials.


A fully exposed liner.


Covered with water.


Primary geomembrane of a double geomembrane system with the primary covered with earth materials & underlain by earth materials or a GCL.


Geomembrane overlain by a geocomposite or geotextile, and earth materials and underlain by earth materials.


Primary geomembrane of a double geomembrane covered with water.

Our Qualifications


Leak Location Services, Inc. (LLSI) is the world leader in geoelectric leak location testing. The technical staff of LLSI have a combined total of more than 80 years of commercial geomembrane leak location experience. LLSI has performed more than 4,160 leak location surveys and surveyed more than 673,839,388 square feet of survey.

LLSI has successfully performed leak location surveys worldwide for more than 30 years. We develop, design and build the specialized equipment required to perform these services. Our highly experienced and trained staff have the in-depth understanding of electrical leak location methods to successfully perform leak location services with the efficiency required to keep your project on time and within the cost proposed.

In 2023, LLSI completed 77 geomembrane leak location surveys. The area surveyed was more than 22,816,873 square feet (524 acres). In the last three years, LLSI has surveyed more than 72,455,460 square feet (1,662 acres) of geomembrane.

LLSI has tested triple-, double-, and single-lined landfills, ponds, lagoons, leach pads, tanks, vaults, highway subgrade, tennis courts, HDPE pipe, and landfill caps, including testing of smooth, textured, and reinforced geomembranes, including HDPE, LLDPE, PVC, XR-5, CSPER, asphalt, polyurethane, and polypropylene.

The LLSI leak location equipment, software, and procedures are custom-designed and fabricated by LLSI to produce unequaled leak detection capabilities. The equipment and procedures have been improved and optimized through 30 years of field applications.

The founders of LLSI began the development of the geoelectric leak location method at Southwest Research Institute in 1980 and the first commercial leak location survey was performed in 1985. Leak Location Services, Inc. was formed in 1992 as a Texas corporation. LLSI owns the exclusive patent rights on the geoelectric leak location method covered by United States patents 5,661,406 and 6,331,778. LLSI has provided leak location services in 47 states, eight Canadian provinces, and 28 foreign countries.


The personnel qualifications of Leak Location Services, Inc. are unmatched in the world. Five LLSI leak location personnel have more than eight years of experience and have surveyed more than four million square feet of geomembrane in the last three years. Table 1 in Section III of this document lists the leak location experience in the last three years.

LLSI holds training meetings to maximize operator proficiency and knowledge. LLSI field personnel also have received safety training for OSHA HAZWOPER, OSHA Construction Safety and Health, OSHA 30 Hour Construction Industry Outreach, MSHA work at surface mines, SafeLand USA, confined space entry, first aid, and CPR. In addition, LLSI subscribes to the ISN, PICS, PEC, Browz, and CanQual safety programs. Resumes of the LLSI personnel follow.


    Mr. Kemnitz is the President of Leak Location Services, Inc. (LLSI).  He has obtained the Engineer in Training certification, has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Texas at Arlington, and has completed course work toward a Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering.  As President, Matthew Kemnitz is responsible for:

    • Scheduling of projects
    • Project Consulting
    • Management of systems related to the delivery of LLSI’s services to clients
    • Ensuring business operations are efficient
    • Management of payables/receivables and payroll
    • Management of LLSI technicians, implementation of rewards/recognition, and coaching practices to align personnel with company goals
    • Improvement of systems and equipment
    • Prioritizing of company, employee, and client requirements

    Mr. Kemnitz has expert knowledge of the principles and application of all leak location methods and is fluently conversant as a technical consultant to clients for potential and ongoing projects.  He has been instrumental in promoting industry education of the leak location methods through his technical papers and presentations at major industry events. Mr. Kemnitz has personally supervised numerous leak location surveys. Mr. Kemnitz has performed multiple ELIM (Electrical Leak Imaging and Monitoring) System data collections and surveys and is principal in updating the design of these systems.

    Through his prior positions, Mr. Kemnitz developed skills in the design of large scale civil engineering projects on a variety of scales, and was involved with various elements of site design, erosion control, grading, drainage, sewer, water, storm water and franchise utilities.  His skills also include preparation of feasibility studies, obtaining permits, final engineering design and site plans, and supplying accurate projections of production costs.  Additionally, he interfaced with project managers, CAD technicians, city employees, and senior staff to assess client needs and devise appropriate technical solutions to meet them.


    Mr. Hefley is a Senior Field Technician and has an Associate of Applied Science in Electronic Engineering Technology from Hallmark Institute. He started work at LLSI in 2002.  He has experience in all the implementations of leak location surveys. In 2017, Mr. Hefley supervised or performed 22 geomembrane leak location surveys including a total area of 3,013,091 square feet.


    Mr. Gatesuwan is a Senior Field Technician and has an Associate Degree in Computer and Electronics Engineering Technology from ITT Technical Institute.  He started work at LLSI in 2008.  He is experienced in electronic equipment fabrication and in all types of leak location surveys provided by LLSI. In 2017, he performed 30 geomembrane leak location surveys including an area of 3,505,309 square feet of geomembrane.


The areas surveyed by current LLSI leak location personnel for the three types of leak location surveys for the past three years are shown in Table 1

Table 1. Leak Location Field Experience for the Previous Three Years (2017 – 2019)

Survey SupervisorSurvey Type – ASTM D 7007, D7002, D7240, D7953Total (sq. ft.)
Pissanu Gatesuwan5,855,3323,794,1009,313,20818,962,640
Thane Hefley9,933,2843,994,7813,578,32917,506,394