About Martin

Martin Morales is a Field Services Manager for field applications of the geoelectric leak location method and is the Shop Manager supervising construction and repair of specialized LLSI leak location equipment. Martin began performing leak location services in 1998.

His overall experience includes leading crews for about 365 leak location projects which have included liners for liquid impoundments, storage tanks, landfills, leach pads, and landfill caps, and was the on-site supervisor for the installation of four permanent leak monitoring systems.

In the last 3 years alone, Mr. Morales led or performed geomembrane leak location surveys totaling over 11 million square feet. He is thoroughly familiar with all aspects of the work, including field applications, equipment construction, troubleshooting and maintenance. Martin holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Electronic Engineering Technology from DeVry Institute.


Tel: 210.408.1241